Garment Supply Companies:

S&S Activewear - -  (Preferred Vendor) They have a large inventory of most everything, shirts & caps.  NO MINIMUM ORDER - FREE SHIPPING TO Supreme Screen Supply, when you input our address.

TSC Apparel  When setting up your account,  ask for "Inland Empire Pick-up".  Inform us that we can pick up your shirts.  This way you save $ by not having to ship shirts to us.  However, if you are spending more then $200 on garments, most vendors will ship to us for free.

Sanmar - -Exclusive supplier for Port & Co.  Large selections!  Free shipping to us if you spend over $200.

Ottocap - Huge selection of caps, and great prices!


Digitizing Companies:

Patterns India - Email these guys what you need digitized. You'll need to know the size of the embroidery and have something to show them. They can digitize from a photo of something that has been embroidered in the past.  So no need to have the art drawn up if you already have a sample of what was done before.  They can digitize from a .jpeg too, no vector file needed.- 


How do I find out how many stitches my job has? See Image below.